How much does gender selection cost? Baby gender selection method. - – The price of preconception gender selection. So you have decided to you want to consider preconception gender selection? Gender Selection Treatment is a method of choosing a gender for your child. The decision has been weighed, now it is time to consider the cost associated with the various procedures available for baby gender selection. For more information about baby gender selection method click the link below.

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How much does gender selection cost?

Gender selection or sex selection is a procedure used together with the In Vitro Fertilization
technique to avoid sex-linked disease processes such as Duchene’s muscular dystrophy or hemophilia.
Gender selection in genetic diagnosis can screen for over 400 hereditary diseases.

In Vitro fertilization with gender selection is often called family balancing. The process offers
several different methods that combine gender selection principles with In Vitro fertilization, one
of those being Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, also known as Preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
This method tests embryos for genetic disorders before implantation into the uterus.

The price for
In Vitro fertilization with Gender Selection varies from country to country. The price in Mexico
would be around ,500, in Cyprus the cost of the procedure is ,700, while in Ukraine it
is around ,000.

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