Kids Learn What to do if Getting Lost – Teach Children Safety Tips – How to Prevent Getting Lost in the park – Accident Prevention – Educational Game For Kids
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You never know when an emergency will happen. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and the solution to avoiding unpleasant surprises is prevention. Discover an innovative way that teaches kids to improve their safety by preventing accidents and learning the basics of first aid.
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Safety for Kids is proud to present 12 safety lessons for kid including safety tips in case of stranger come, getting lost, robber invasion, fire escape, electric shock, earth quake, tsunami, lift trouble, first aid procedure … that illustrates how you and your children should react when those emergency situations hits. It’s IMPORTANT for children to know what to do in such cases.

Kids can act out each simulation however they like and see the consequences of their actions. They will learn to take care to prevent falls, to avoid cuts and burns in the kitchen, to be prudent at the park. They will also learn how to avoid traffic accidents, drowning at the beach or in pools, heat stroke and sunburn.
An app designed focus on inspirational learning, skill-building, attractive contents to our young audience will bring kids to an unique learning experience.
Teaching kids prevention means teaching them to live!

1.The content of this game has been evaluated by safety specialists and reference to Australian government safety programing.
2.Experience emergency in the comfort of your own world but play through the game in real-life settings.
3.With 12 lessons An emergency situation may strike when you are at home, in school, in a supermarket, and on the street… Prepare yourself safe in all cases.
4.Fun interactions and easy to operate.

Safety for Kid is the most trusted brand in early childhood educational software. The mobile applications are designed and developed specifically for children.
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Teach children About Safety Tips | NEVER OPEN THE DOOR FOR STRANGER | Educational Game for Kids

Baby Carrot : lesson 1 ” Never Open The Door For Stranger ”
Safety for Kid was made with reference to the Australia parent guide, thanks for that. The game was created with ideal to help kid learn easy through a story line that interesting and attractive. With ten years experience with American Bureau of shipping for safety of life at sea, our CEO hope to bring safety to as many kid as we can.
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First time ever on Google Plays, an educational app for kids of all ages, introduces basic safety knowledge and first aid procedure to save yourselves from dangerous incidents. Your kids will join a role-playing game, and have to manage to get out of emergency situations, including:
– House fire
– Electric shock
– Stuck in elevator
– Lost in the park
– Kidnap

A 12-game pack will open a new animited colorful world in which, your kid will explore and navigate through 25 basic safety lessons. Interesting storyline with illustrative cause-and-effect, colorful and cute graphics, constructive learnings, trial-and-error play mode will encourage your kids to participate and memorize quickly at ease. Designed using real world safety regulations and adopted industrial standards.

Perfect educational game for children and kids to play. Keep your preschool and kindergarten age child entertained while they are learning!

Ages: 4-11 year old.

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