Save the date card becomes more popular in these few years and some couples consider it as an essential item of their wedding stationeries. In fact, people nowadays are getting busier and it is always a good idea to send them save the date cards otherwise they may not be able to attend your wedding. However, a question that you may ask is that when and to whom you should send your save the date card. It is also common for couples to ask how they should write the card.

When you should send the card

As discussed above, you send the save the date card mainly because your guests are very busy. As a result you should send the card to inform them about the wedding a bit earlier. Some couples will send half year before their wedding. In fact, there is no definite answer for this question. Normally you can send the card three to six months prior to your wedding.

If you are going to have a destination wedding, you may need to send the card even earlier. Your guests will need to apply for vacation from their companies. They will also need to buy the air tickets. They may even need to think about who will be taking care of their children if they are not going to bring their children to the wedding. To this end you will probably need to send your save the date card twelve months prior to the wedding.

To whom you should send the card

Many couples will have the perception that they should send the save the date card to all the guests they are planning to invite. You actually do not need to send so many cards. You send the card to a guest because you really want him / her to come to your wedding. You do not want her / her to miss your sweetest moment in your life. As a result, you can only send the card to the guest who you really want to make sure will come.

For a destination wedding, you will probably keep your guest list minimal and you may only invite your closest friends and relatives to your wedding. In this case you can just send the save the date card to them to make sure you can share your happiest moment in life with them.

How you should write the card

A save the date card can be quite informal. You can just write down, the date of your wedding and ask your guest to save the date. If you have already known where you are going to have your wedding, you can include the address of the wedding venue on the card as well.

If you have a wedding website you can also include your website address on the card. Most couples know that they are going to include the website address on the wedding invitation but they will just forget to put them on the save the date card. Because the details of your wedding will be on the website, your guest can refer to your website from time to time if you put your website address on the card.

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