With the improving of Living conditions, children in the cities generally have more toys, especially one child family, parents are willing to buy toys for him, friends and relatives will send toys. But many kids at home do not pay attention to tidying up toys, toys scatter in the home. The parents do not pay attention to teaching children to store toys, easy to develop some bad habits for children.

First of all, parents should pay attention to the matter of children sorting toys. Some parents think that it does not matter whether the children put away toys themselves after playing. So the toys will either scatter on the floor or parents will manage the toys on behalf of their children. In fact, if children can manage and put away toys themselves after playing, it will also promote the formation of the child a sense of responsibility and the cultivation of the fine qualities of caring the items.

Second, parents should also create for the children certain conditions to help children develop a good habit to tidy up and store toys. Parents should give children some activity space, and they will try to manage this small world after playing games. Conditions allowing, parents can also provide children with a separate room, with floors covered with carpets or soft cushions for children to play, lay out tables, shelves, cabinets, etc. for children to store toys. The family with narrow space can provide a corner or furniture for children’s toys to have a fixed place to store.

Third, teach your child the way to store toys. Make the storage location fixed, such as large toys lay down layer, small toys to put on the top.

Fourth, teach children to store toys by classification. Some toys do have a package box, should be put back in the box after playing. For some toy without box, parents can collect some boxes for use. The worst way of storing toys is put all toys together, disorganized, which will be trouble finding the toy to play next time.

Fifth, teach children to package toys in boxes with original format. For example, building blocks in a box are placed in a certain format. Misplace the building blocks without order, or to put all building blocks in pile in one box, thus it will be unable to find the missing building blocks in time. Long-term rational storage of toys will extend the life of the toy.

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