This morning I broke my toe, but not my spirit. Nothing throws a wrench into your day than to get hurt. I have learned that through pain, there is growth. I’ve learned that I can take any bad event and find the good within.

Breaking my toe forced me to stop everything and hit the couch with an ice pack to my foot. Being a nurse I know that there’s not much you can do for it other than tape it, put ice on it and stay off of it when the pain becomes too much.

While treating my foot I started watching The Today Show, Meredith Vieira was doing an interview with two women and they were discussing new systems being introduced at some private schools to students that are having issues with stress. It is amazing how much stress children deal with these days.

We adults and society are to blame. Some of us are obsessed with our lack of success in life so we push our children to do better for themselves. Some of us have achieved success and we push our children so they can have the same luxuries in life that we have.

One woman stated that stress can start as early as 3 years old. A 3 year old can’t tell you she is stressed so we blame their behaviors on their age or stage of life and convince ourselves it’s something they will grow out of. Or worse, many don’t.

Children learn math, history, grammar, science and geography but aren’t offered any classes in confidence, self esteem, leadership, motivation, communication skills, how to build quality relationships, how to create wealth or enjoy physical well being or spiritual growth. They just don’t get taught what it takes to be a success.

The lack of this exposure is now showing up in the worst of ways. Our otherwise quiet and mysterious children are killing other people and children because they have lost touch with reality. Teen suicide, teen murders, school drop out rates, teen pregnancy, teen illness, drugs, alcohol and tobacco use are all on the rise with our children. We are putting our children behind bars, in rehabilitation centers, into counseling and in graves at an alarming rate.

College tuition has risen to the point that it becomes almost impossible for most Americans to send their children. For those that do go, many of them are struggling to survive the additional stress that is placed on them. They are literally unable to concentrate on the important tasks at hand, so they search for a form of release or worse drop out and quit.

The important question for you is, how much of your life have you devoted to self development? How many books have you read on relationship building, time management or goal setting? How many classes or seminars have you attended on motivation, wealth creation, leadership, health and fitness or effective communication?
Don’t be too hard on yourself, the information has always been there but we often don’t realize the importance of that information.

The good news is that there is still time for us to give our children and ourselves the opportunity to have the success we desire.

Success, not only financially but in all areas of our lives, in each area is vitally important. What good is it to be wealthy if your health is so bad you can’t enjoy it? Or now that you have the money to do all the things in life you’ve wanted to do, but you have no friends or family to share it with. They all left us because we couldn’t find time for them or we drove them away by our attitudes.

Have you put off your happiness for the day when…………….you fill in the blank?

Where do you start your journey, subsequently your child’s journey, towards success and ultimate wealth (wealth in all areas of your life)? Well, you already have. Keep reading on the subject. There are articles, books, libraries, CDs, DVDs seminars, sermons, the internet and now a university that concentrates on your success.

The education you give yourself is priceless as you realize your life is already a success, your life is precious and you are born with the right to be happy and live a full life.

Start living today and help save the children of tomorrow. You, your life and those children are worth your efforts.

Anita Burnett
Wife, Nurse, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Entrepreneur, Neighbor and Student of Success without Stress.
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Help save the children. As you grow, they grow also. For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, you could be learning and growing with a small investment and a commitment to better your life.
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