When we are talking and discussing about fighting the poverty in lesser developed countries, there is always a concern and a worry as to how these families and these children could be empowered to earn a decent living comes into discussion. However, while discussing these hard realities, we often ignore a very important fact that majority of the population in such countries is below the age of 15. Kids in such conditions have a hard time in growing up, and they also generally have only one parent, or in worst cases, no parent to look for them. The question that then arises is: “How can a kid make money?”, so that he does not get involved in wrongdoings.

The conditions and the environment these kids belong to is one the most important aspects that need attention. These kids generally belong to extremely poor people. And given these conditions, we really cannot expect them to think so much as to what action is legal and what action is not. All that they need is surety that they will be able to get the next meal for themselves and their families. The question that comes to mind then is how to assure that they do not get into acts that are against the larger interests of the society? Following are some points to consider.

Explore. See if you can locate a family that is in a bad financial situation and has a kid or two. You can hire the kid to assist you in doing small things like getting groceries and help you do the household chores and assist you in things like gardening etc. this will help them using their time in a useful thing.

Spread education. Lock a time and day, during which you will teach and educate the kid. An hour or two daily or every two days will not only help him stay educated but will also use his time in a constructive way.

These kids can then be directed to a person or a company which offers higher salaries and better assignments when you think they have developed a positive attitude toward society as a whole. This will assist them in comfortably gelling into the work environment.

By following these very little steps, we can change the situation for these people on our personal level. So the problem of “how can a kid make money?” can also be solved and can be empowered to earn a good living for themselves and their families in a responsible way.

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