Best Preschool Education Toys for Toddlers Learning Video – Learn Colors Teach Kids Numbers Fun Play! In this half hour long educational video for toddlers compilation we have some of our best learning movies for kids to teach colors, counting one to ten, food names, and animal names! These fun toy videos for kids and toddlers are some of the best ways of helping engage kids to learn while playing. This half hour long educational video includes toys like Pororo the Little Penguin School bus, Lego Duplo bricks, a zoo animal stand, a Paw Patrol rescue and more! Your toddler will love the bright colorful preschool toys and family friendly fun!

0:00 – Teach Toddlers Colors & Counting Pororo the Little Penguin School Bus Toy
8:38 – Learn Animal Names for Kids by Building our own Zoo!
14:04 – Lego Duplo Bricks Hamburger Stand for Kids
22:51 – Learn Colors with Paw Patrol Rescue of Peppa Pig from Dragon!

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Music: “Call Me Baby” by HeatleyBros

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