EASIEST way how to teach a child to tie shoes!!

This is a simple and easy way to teach a child to tye shoes!!
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The last thing you want to do, is shelter your kids from the guns in your home. Kids are naturally curious, they push every button and want to “see what this does”.

If you expose them to dangerous things like hot stoves, knives, and guns, and remove the curiosity, you can teach them to respect it. My kid knows not to touch a hot stove, they know not to play with knives, and my kids know what a gun is, how it works, and why its dangerous.

The problem with hiding your guns and not teaching them about them, is what happens if your uneducated child finds a gun in someone else’s house and thinks it’s a toy?

My kid not only knows to run and get an adult, even if the adult has it…my kid will tell the adult to make sure that its safe before they will let them have it around them. Personally, I think that the best gun safety you can offer your children is education.
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