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Is the growth and teaching of your child crucial to you? And have you been looking for a program that will assist you teach your child to read, but spending 100s of dollars on unproved programs just does not make any common sense to you? I can realize your frustrations, as I have been through practically of the same experiences myself…

Lately I came across a gradual program that aids parents to easily teach their children to read. The beauty of this program is that as long as your kid is capable to speak, it will help you teach your child to read fluently. I had some uncertainties at first when I saw that the program claimed that even two and three year old kids can be educated to read effectively; nevertheless, my doubts were rapidly put to rest when I saw their video proofs of small children reading.

The authors of the program, Jim and Elena, had developed their Children Learning Reading program, and then applied it to instruct their own children to read before turning three years old. They evidenced several video clips of their young 2 year 11 months old girl reading, and I was rather stormed to see how able their daughter was at reading by the time she was barely a little over three years old. I didn’t expect to see small three year old children able to read children’s books!

Who Is the Children Learning Reading program Designed For?

This program is planned for the parents with young children ‘tween the ages of two to six years old. It’s projected to teach toddlers and small kids to read effectively. One crucial thing to bear in mind is that this program is not designed for a very young children, or children who haven’t learned to speak yet. However, if your child has learned to speak, then you are able to use this program to teach your kid to read.

The key goal of the Children Learning Reading program is to help your child learn to decode written text quickly and learn to read fluently through the vital process of growing phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness is arguably among the most crucial aspects of learning to read, and turning a fluent reader. Kids who lack phonemic awareness commonly have reading difficulties, and finish up being poor readers. Jim & Elena’s Children Learning Reading program is a highly simple, aboveboard, and step-by-step program. Their program includes simple exercises and practices beginning with the very 1st lessons that function to help your kid develop phonemic awareness, and learn to read. Clinical studies has said that assisting children acquire phonemic awareness is among the most effective ways to teach children to read.

The program is projected to be tutored to your child in 2 stages, and each stage goes with it’s own instruction book and step-by-step lessons. Stage 1 assists your child develop all the important foundational skills of learning to read and read fluently, while the next stage address a slightly more advanced lessons helping to greatly advance your child’s already amazing reading skills developed from stage 1 lessons.

There are 28 lesson in stage one that are smoothly set to instruct your child starting with the building blocks of reading printed text. The alphabet letters of the alphabet and sounds are brought in to your child in a stepped, reasonable, and intuitive order by the 28 lessons. Very simple words and blending exercises are brought in very early, and more complex words, sentences, stories, and rhymes are slowly brought in with the lessons as your kid progress. By the time you finish stage one lessons with your child, your kid will have already developed brilliant reading skills that occasionally leave you even stormed and astonished.

At the time you finish the stage one, you can move on to stage two lessons, which involve teaching some more complex matters dealing with reading. In that respect there are twenty-two lessons in stage two. Among the main focuses of this stage is teaching your child letter combinations or also known as digraphs.

The one matter that really struck a note with me about this program is that it does not force your child to explicitly learn any phonics rules! Being parents, I am sure you are able to imagine how difficult it would be to have toddlers and young kids memorise rules to reading! The great thing about Jim & Elena’s Children Learning Reading program is that throughout the full program, your kid learns to read, and develops fantastic reading and decoding skills without memorising any phonics rules. This is how come their program is so effective at teaching children to read.
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