Being special is important to a kid, and they need to have the ego boost so that they don’t become a helpless recluse when they get older. There are many effective ways you can teach your kid to feel special: try to catch him or her doing good deeds, illuminate the qualities they have, and be a positive influence.

Though, you shouldn’t overwhelm your child with mindless love. It is important to keep a realistic view on things.

Teaching your child that he or she is inherently special will give them a complex. They will not be able to understand the complication of accomplishments and value in work, because they will simply think “I am special simply because”.

This near sighted train of thought is going to actually inhibit their growth and development making them intolerable. Usually these kids are the kind that grow up to live in tanning salons and drink at parties on the weekends, and develop a very close but shallow group of friends.

They also develop the inability to connect with anyone who doesn’t feed their egotistical sense of undeserved importance. Deserving to be treated with respect shouldn’t just come.

A child needs to learn that it is important to prove your worth through hard work. Don’t take the kid and put him into a slave labor camp or anything ridiculous like that.

You want to provide good tension and resistance as a parent so that your kid has room to grow and become stronger, but you also want to cushion their little heads so that they don’t become cruel and cynical to everyone. A lot of parents seem to think that parenting doesn’t play a role on the development of a child, which is a laughable prospect because it obviously does.

No kid is born to be great, and no kid is going to be born to be garbage. Difference between greatness and trash comes in the own kids ambition and desire.

Telling a kid that he is great over and over doesn’t make him great, but it could feed that undeserved ego of his. However, telling a kid that he is a hard worker may actually motivate him to be a hard worker.

Be creative and constructive with the complements and the words that you use with your child. Words are going to feed their little minds and sculpt them into the adults of the future.

Teach them to be creative, thoughtful, smart, and maybe even stoic. Perhaps stoic is not as much an important quality to learn, as the others.

According to the philosophy of Zeno it is a very important quality. The main thing is to just be a good example, lead your children with your actions.

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